Future of Railway Engineering and Operations

The Digital and Cyber Railway Engineering and Operations Center (DCREOC) supports fundamental research, applied research, and education aimed at improving the efficiency and safety of rail systems through the use of advanced technologies.

DCREOC is a focal point for this new era of railway transportation

From data storage to supply chain management, digital and cyber technologies are shaping the future of rail transportation. Meanwhile, cyber attacks have the potential to cause costly and in some cases catastrophic disruptions. Research expertise is needed to guide the industry’s transformation and help build the railway networks of the future.



DCREOC is based at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. The University has authoritative programs in transportation engineering and artificial intelligence, and is home to more than a dozen centers in quantum computing.


Fundamental Research

  • Math algorithms/machine learning
  • Big data/cybersecurity
  • Quantum information/human technology
  • Safety
  • Society
  • Mobility
railway track

Applied Research

  • Track engineering
  • Railway operations (including ticketing)
  • Safety and security
  • Blockchain in railway operations
  • Quantum information
student learning

Education and Outreach

  • Training of students and railway professionals in digital and cyber issues
  • Short courses in digital and cyber railway issues

Current and Past Projects

  • Blockchain applications in track geometry modeling
  • Covariate-Shift Generative Adversarial Network (COGAN) and Railway Track Images Analysis
  • Hybrid reduction technique with covariate shift optimization in high dimensional track geometry
  • Approximate Bayesian computation for railway track geometry parameter estimation
  • Theory Guided Track Geometry and Defect modeling
  • Developing a new track quality index using adaptive methods
  • Graphical methods and hazardous materials by rail tank car
  • Performance of pantograph operations
  • Future of liquid natural gas by rail tank car


Railway Engineering Program at Delft University, the Netherlands

Railway Engineering Program at Delft University, the Netherlands

Center for Artificial Intelligence, University of Tsukuba

Center for Artificial Intelligence, University of Tsukuba

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